The Well-Examined Vote: Endorsements for Boulder City Council

(Photo courtesy City of Boulder)

(Photo courtesy City of Boulder)

Witness the energy surrounding the upcoming Boulder City Council elections. People in Boulder have a lot to think about, consider, digest and decide. Below are endorsements from the Daily Camera and local advocacy groups, along with reflections from a former city council member.

Rich Lopez: Look for Leadership Ability in Candidates

Rich Lopez, author of this guest opinion in the Daily Camera, is a land-use attorney and former member of the Boulder planning department staff, planning board and city council.


Daily Camera Editorial Board

Dave Krieger, writing for the editorial board, offers the Daily Camera endorsement for five new candidates and no endorsements for incumbents.

Open Boulder 

Open Boulder, founded in 2014, is a nonprofit committed to widening the circle of participation beyond a small core of entrenched decision-makers in Boulder. Open Boulder wants a greater level of civic dialogue and open exchange regarding the many issues impacting quality of life in Boulder.

Better Boulder 

Better Boulder is a “new voice for sustainable development and social innovation in the City and County of Boulder.”

PLAN-Boulder County 

PLAN-Boulder County (PBC) endorses two out of three incumbents and three newcomers for city council. PBC, founded in 1959, is the premiere nonprofit, citizens’ organization working to promote environmental sustainability through land use and growth patterns.

Boulder Neighbors Endorsement Digest

Boulder Neighbors, a blog devoted to local growth and development issues, claims to offer a comprehensive listing of all city council candidate endorsements: Boulder Weekly, Daily Camera, Elephant Journal, PLAN-Boulder, Better Boulder, Open Boulder and the Indian Peaks Chapter of the Sierra Club. For each endorser they list only the slate of candidates and do not offer any commentary or explanation from the endorsing organizations. Boulder Neighbors does, however, offer its own analysis and opinion on the endorsing organizations, and its own choices for city council.


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