New school board members impose a new agenda

The Thompson School District Board of Education includes both Larimer and Boulder Counties. The school district is currently facing an internal battle between new board members who are changing the face of what the school board once represented. Previous board members have begun seeing how outsiders, such as Tea Party affiliates, fund the school district to promote their conservative reform agenda. Previous board members saw Bob Kerrigan implement changes that were not inclusive for all, which has resulted in numerous battles. Parents, teachers, and students are leaving the school district because of this. Matt Cortina, of the Boulder Weekly, reports, “The reformers did a lot in two years. It might be years before Thompson shakes the stigma of being a Tea Party district, Crisman says. But the ultimate fate of reform is in the hands of Loveland and Berthoud voters.”

CU employees struggle for the cost of living

University of Colorado employees have started petitioning for an increase pay wage. Colorado Workers for Innovative and New Solution union members have taken to petitioning online for CU campus Housing and Dining custodians to earn $15 an hour. Laurel Loesser has worked at the university for over 10 years and finding herself living in poverty and relying on the public assistance of Denver. The union argues that CU pays their administrators and faculty an extremely generous amount of money while dismissing the needs of their other employees.

Getting help in an available fashion

Safe2Tell is an anonymous hotline for students to call and report any threatening misconduct. Smart phones have almost exclusively become the main source of communication, which is why Safe2Tell has released a mobile app to promote student safety and awareness for Boulder County. Mitchell Byers, of the Colorado Daily, reports, “The app, on the other hand, is programed into their phone and also allows the students to upload photos or links to social media posts on the report that Safe2Tell can look into.


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