Arts and Culture Wrapup

The 2014-2015 North American competition season for skiers and snowboarders kicked off this past weekend at Copper Mountain. The Sprint US Grand Prix took place from December 1-6 at the Summit County resort. This was the first year that the International Ski Federation and the Grand Prix tour implemented a three run final, which was apparently vital for many of the American contestants who placed. Overall, the Americans put on an impressive show.

Google hopes to build a new four-acre campus in Boulder, pending the city council’s approval. The decision now rests in the hands of the city council after an extensive meeting held last Thursday between Google and the Boulder Planning Board. Plans for three different four-story buildings on Pearl and 30th street would house 1,500 employees.

Boulder resident Jayme Moye was just voted the Travel Journalist of the year. After moving to Colorado to seek a “more outdoorsy and exciting lifestyle,” Moye left her corporate life to pursue becoming a travel writer. She notes that it was difficult to break into the business at first. Since then she has published more than 50 pieces and has traveled to Haiti, Afghanistan, Iceland, Guatemala and more, mostly writing adventure pieces.


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