Roxann Elliott



Aside from being an absolute boss at Tekken 6 who spells her name “wrong,” Roxann Elliott Mulligan is a master’s student in the Journalism and Mass Communication program at CU Boulder. She has a B.A. in justice from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and she moved to Colorado in the spring of 2013. She will be covering science and the environment, and politics and government this semester. She currently resides in Longmont and apologizes profusely for contributing to the crowding on the BOLT during the morning rush. She promises to avoid direct eye contact and listen to ABBA on her headphones at a reasonable volume. Follow her on Twitter.


Boulder is on its way to becoming a gigabit city

Hickenlooper wins governor’s race

Flood recovery: beyond Boulder

Two weeks to choose: the race for governor of Colorado

Bill Possel and LASP bring the universe into focus

The Science of Synthetic Life – Live Coverage

CU Boulder opens doors with MAVEN success



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