Carah Wertheimer


Carah has been practicing upstart journalism since the age of three. In an attempt to keep busy while her mother shopped in a women’s clothing store, little Carah set out to survey the religious affiliation of every shopper in the dressing room. She succeeded in obtaining highly accurate information using candid, one-on-one interviews in the “barge into the dressing room first, apologize later” tradition. She credits those early interviews with laying the foundation for her new career.

Carah graduated from Brown University with a degree in ethics and political philosophy, and immediately ditched law school. Instead, she spent years exploring a number of vocational paths — mostly centering around education, holistic health and gerontology. She’s had many rich experiences working with the more “personal” side of life but is delighted to be circling back to her roots in the “political.” She will be covering government and politics, with a focus on transportation.

Carah’s Author Page: A Chronology of Her Writings on this Site