Immigration and bias spur investigation and protest


CU Boulder senior Adrian Mora-Alzacar chants for the rights of undocumented students with other protestors on Wednesday. (Photo credit: Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera)

CU Boulder is investigating nine reports of bias-related incidents reported on campus since Nov. 1. CU has not revealed the incidents under investigation, but the Daily Camera received reports of a man entering a classroom and telling the Latina professor to “shut up” and “go back to Mexico,” and a man groping a woman and telling her that there’s nothing she can do to stop such behavior. The administration did not specify if the nine reported incidents occurred after the election.

Dozens of students marched across the CU Boulder campus on Wednesday, urging the university to act as a sanctuary to undocumented students. Dean of Students Akirah Bradley met with the protestors, and told them that only the CU Board of Regents had the power to make such a decision. Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett also held a community meeting on Wednesday evening to assure Boulder County residents that undocumented immigrants in the county can reach out to local authorities without fear of deportation.

This push has echoed around the nation. According to The Washington Post, thousands of students, professors and alumni at Ivy League institutions petitioned to protect undocumented students. The movement spread to all corners of the country, and came as direct response to President-elect Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric. Officials at Pomona College, one of the most prominent schools to publicly welcome undocumented students, said their 50-60 undocumented students express heightened anxiety in the wake of the election.


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