Boulder Science & Environment

Denver Is Not Great at Recycling

A new study by Colorado Public Interest Research Group reveals that Denver residents only recycle 18% of recyclable materials. The report, released on Monday, pinpoints a lack of recycling bins and a $10 charge on pick up as the main culprits behind Denver’s dismal recycling rate. The report also recommends incentivizing composting and recycling as a means of reducing overall waste.

Gardening in Space

It’s not just the stuff of sci-fi anymore – a CU Graduate student is pioneering producing growing technology that would allow astronauts to grow their own food in space. Heather Hava has created a smart-pop that responds to environmental conditionals and utilizes hydroponic technology to allow plants to be grown in challenging and inhospitable environments. Hava has teamed up with NASA to help create other technologies, such as a robotic harvester, that could be used to implement agriculture in outer space.

CU Scientists Create  Advanced Wearable Technology

CU scientists have created a tiny wearable device that can monitor heart rates and recognize human speech. This device, which is about the diameter of a penny in length, can simultaneously measure thousands of different physiological movements such as the opening and closing of heart valves, gastrointestinal gurgling, and vocal chords. The team behind this next-level Fitbit hopes that it will have broad applications from healthcare to the quickly growing wearable technology market.


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