Longmont SWAT is deployed, a ‘high risk’ sex offender is living in Longmont, and jail deputies are added to the 2017 budget in Boulder County


Deputy Karyn Phipps and Crew Boss Gary Rosalies monitor the women’s ward in the Boulder County Jail on July 28. Photo Credit/Paul Aiken, Staff Photographer, Daily Camera.

Longmont SWAT assists with domestic violence arrest on Meeker Street

A 21-year old female notified law enforcement Ivan Soto-Solis allegedly strangled her and she managed to escape and call 911. The Longmont SWAT team responded because Soto-Solis fired a handgun outside a residence. Soto-Solis surrendered to law enforcement peacefully but was arrested on suspicion of, “domestic violence, third-degree assault, second-degree assault, false imprisonment, reckless endangerment and felony menacing .”

Longmont police announce arrival of ‘high risk’ sex offender to city

Russel Scott Ehrlich, has moved to Longmont from the Boulder County Jail. In May of 2013, Ehrlich was convicted of possessing sexually exploitative materials, and two counts of, “sex assault with 10-year age difference” in Longmont and in Weld County. The Longmont Police suggest MESA  as one resource for sexual assault victims should they need referrals to services.

Boulder County commissioners add jail deputies to 2017 budget

The Boulder County commissioners approved of adding four deputies, 10 new detention specialists and the advancement of the crew boss’ job which is projected at $920,421 in salaries and benefits in 2017. Commissioner Deb Gardner has heard of how important these measure are because Pod A in the Boulder County Jail requires higher inmate supervision, and violence and suicide are apparent according to, Sheriff Joe Pelle.


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