This week in Colorado politics: the final push

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera Staff Photographer

🎤 It’s the final countdown! 🎤

The election is days away. Days. Away. In the meantime, Coloradans can look forward to a final push by local and national campaigns, as well as some last-minute twists. Early voters be damned. 

Claims of undisclosed campaign contributions stir up soda tax controversy

The most expensive campaign in Colorado’s history took a controversial turn this week. The campaign against Boulder’s proposed sugary drink tax is alleging that Healthy Boulder Kids, the organization pushing for the tax, failed to disclose $400,000 dollars in contributions. The group fighting the tax, No on H2, filed a complaint with the city clerk’s office claiming that Healthy Boulder Kids hasn’t disclosed funds from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloombeerg and American Heart Association, the Daily Camera reports. 

Trump and Clinton hobble toward the finish line 

In one of the most contentious election in recent memory, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump continue to sprint, or more realistically, limp, toward the end of their presidential battle. Clinton’s campaign was hit hard late last month when the FBI uncovered new emails on one of her top aide’s private computers. Still, a Trump candidacy may hinge on winning in Florida, where polls currently show the two candidates competing neck-and-neck, the Aurora Centinel reports. 

Yard signs continue to sprout in lawns around the country 

Despite today’s Internet-driven, social media-obsessed world, people are still turning to old-fashioned yard signs to demonstrate support for certain candidates and ballot measures. The use of yard signs is nearly two centuries old, the Aurora Centinel reports. While plenty of Trump and Clinton signs have been defiled and destroyed this election, several states impose penalties up to $1,000 dollars for such acts. 


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