This week in crime: Denver Police Department rewrites their use of force policy, Jack Warmolts takes a plea deal, and a continuance is granted in the case of the undernourished Longmont teen


Jack Warmolts at an appearance in court in June. Warmolts recently took a plea deal and will be eligible for probation. Photo credit/ Jenny Papasso staff photographer, Daily Camera.

Denver Police Department is rewriting its use-of-force policy

The Denver Police Department is re-writing its use of force policy. The new policy will include a renewed focus on using the minimal amount of force necessary according to Denver Police Chief Robert White. Nicholas Mitchell  and a Citizen Oversight Board requested to be a part of the policy rewriting process and were denied since police policies are typicallly written within the department.


Air Force cadet avoids prison with plea deal in Boulder rape case

Jack Warmolts took a plea deal on Tuesday and pled guilty to second-degree assault and unlawful sexual contact.  A presentence investigation will proceed as normal and Wormolts will also undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation. The victim’s letter which was read in open court, stated she felt, “disempowered” by the plea deal.


Malnourished Longmont teen still hospitalized 8 weeks after parents arrested on suspicion of child abuse

Public Defender Nicole Collins was granted a continuance in the case of the malnourished Longmont teen. Collins said she needs time to study 1,600 pages of recently filed hospital documents concerning the teen. Court records from doctors revealed the teen was suffering from, “severe undernourishment, hypovolemic shock , stage three sacral pressure sore, kidney failure, and a deficiency of seven vitamins and minerals.”


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