The 2016 US presidential debates are over: now what?

Was this a presidential debate or a UFC title match?

After watching UFC 20-whoops, wrong fight, the third presidential debate, the American people saw the closest debate between candidates yet. Clinton played the role of aggressor, while Trump lasted the longest he had yet of not interrupting someone-until he proceeded to 48 times. Clinton and Trump will continue to vie for the Oval Office, but there was one clear winner who will likely do the job again: moderator Chris Wallace.

Colorado reflective of odd campaign trends

Colorado has not been unscathed from this strange election cycle. Around $1.1 billion has been raised for both presidential candidates, yet political ads in Colorado have only totaled around $69 million; this is around $36 million less than back in 2014. Another odd thing that numerous voters in Colorado haven’t been aware of: the possibility of being charged with a misdemeanor due to posting a completed ballot selfie.

Are you a glutton for pain?

Because if you’re already thinking about who is running for President in 2020, you might be. Democrats have a list of who might run in 2020 should Clinton not win, with Cory Booker and Julian Castro being brought up. Republicans seem to think either Paul Ryan or Mike Pence are the leading candidates for 2020 should Trump come up short. Perhaps we could all just vote for that one guy in 2020..some guy named West?



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