BVSD updates learning space, seeks further innovation if 3A passes


The recent renovations at Broomfield Heights Middle School include different areas for students to collaborate (photo by Chad Franzen/Under the Flatirons).

The Boulder Valley School District has looked to transform the learning space in schools from the traditional classroom into an environment which, as  BVSD Director of Educational Technology Kiffany Lychock told Under the Flatirons, is more conducive to learning in the 21st century.  The audio slideshow includes pictures from the recently renovated Broomfield Heights Middle School.

BVSD School Board President Sam Fuqua and Impact on Education CEO Fran Ryan recently combined to write a guest opinion column in the Daily Camera encouraging voters to pass Ballot Measure 3A, a mill levy which would raise $10 million.  Fuqua and Ryan said would lower deferred maintenance costs, maintain programs threatened by funding shortfalls, and “implement and support innovations.”

Denver Public Schools are hoping for the passage of a $572 million bond issue.  The Denver Post editorial board urged “voters to support both measures — 3A and 3B respectively — and invest in quality education for Denver kids.”


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