This week in state politics, down-ballot measures gain high exposure

Photo courtesy of Cliff Grassmick, Boulder Daily Camera staff photographer

With the election closing in, prominent officials are throwing their weight around – rallying for and against certain state ballot initiatives. Meanwhile, at the top of the ballot, some voters say they will shun both major party candidates, opting instead for write-in votes. According to local reports, there’s not much point. 

Senator Bernie Sanders will speak at the University of Colorado Boulder on Monday in support of Amendment 69

The Independent senator from Vermont will return to CU for the second time in two years to rally support for ColoradoCare, a measure aimed at providing universal healthcare coverage for Coloradans, the Daily Camera reports. According to ColoradoCareYes, the event – which starts at 4 p.m. – will be free and open to the public.  

State leaders and activists rally against the “Raise the Bar” campaign  

Amendment 71 is facing opposition from a variety of Colorado organizations, who gathered in solidarity against the measure at the state Capital on Thursday, the Colorado Independent reports. The amendment would make it more difficult for state voters to change Colorado’s constitution. “It’s a big, shiny object meant to lure you into giving up your power,” said Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar. 

While some Colorado officials say they’ll write-in votes, there’s not much point

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (R) recently joined a slew of Republican officials who say they will write in a vote for Republican vice presidential nominee, Mike Pence, rather than voting for either major party candidate. Unfortunately for Gardner and voters with similar plans, write-in candidates in Colorado are required to file an affidavit with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office at least 110 days prior to the election, the Denver Post reports. Six candidates filed the required affidavit for Colorado, however none of them are Mike Pence. 


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