The Nederland bomb investigation continues, a fatal shooting at a Denver night club leads to an ongoing nuisance investigation, and five Boulder Valley high school students are expelled after a racist Facebook chat group is revealed


Law enforcement officers searche an SUV brought to the Boulder County Sheriff’s office by source claiming to have information about the bomb found outside the Nederland police station on Tuesday morning. Photo Credit/ Matthew Jonas, Daily Camera


Cold Crush hit with public nuisance notice, liquor license suspension after fatal shooting

A fatal shooting that occurred at Denver’s Cold Crush nightclub early Monday morning lead the Denver Police Department to suspend the clubs liquor license, and begin an ongoing investigation into the club as a nuisance.  If the nuisance case is filed with the city attorney’s office it will go before a judge to determine if the club is in fact a nuisance and what measures need to be taken to solve the problem.

Exposed by suicide, Boulder students’ Facebook chat advocated killing blacks, Jews

The suicide of a Boulder Prepatory charter school student lead the Boulder police to a chat group called “4th Reich” which posted images of guns and killing blacks, Jews, and advocating for “white power.” Boulder High School students reacted to the incident with shock in a video from One News Page.

FBI searches tipster’s vehicle in Boulder as part of Nederland bomb probe

FBI Spokeswoman Deborah Sherman said an SUV that was parked at the Boulder County Sheriff’s office belongs to a source who had information pertaining to the explosive device found outside the Nederland police station on Tuesday. Investigators conducted a sweep a vehicle, and found nothing harmful.


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