Readers rarely hear the stories of those who call themselves homeless, read on to learn some of their stories


Homeless man asking for aid on a street corner in Sydney, Australia. Source: ManWithAToyCamera, flickr.

Boulder residents retold their encounters with a recently killed Boulder homeless man.
The Daily Camera reported the death of 79-year-old Stephen Tinoco, a Boulder homeless man, who many local residents said they will remember for his quiet nature and scarred face.

A homeless man in Dallas inspired homeless individuals to help themselves get out of homelessness.
According to the Dallas Observer, James Dunn—a homeless man—created Dignity Homeless Action Network in an effort to band homeless individuals together to campaign for their own needs.

Phoenician homeless patients receive limited medical aid after they’re discharged.
Upon being discharged, a Phoenix hospital called a taxi for Terry—a homeless patient with recently amputated legs—and set him to a homeless shelter. Unfortunately, the hospital never told the shelter there was a man needing help on their sidewalk, according to AZ Central.


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