Trump gropes for education policy; beer and more beer in Boulder


Travis Rupp yanks out a nail to sample one of his creations at Avery Brewing. Photo credit: Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera

For those unconcerned about his groping, Donald Trump fleshed out his vision of education policy in Ohio on Wednesday. He focused the administrative “bloat” of universities, and admonished institutions for neglecting the well being of students with their massive endowments. In typical Trump fashion, he had two words to describe the state of student debt in the nation: “very unfair.” He endorsed an income-based loan repayment plan that would free students of debt in about 15 years.

Here in Boulder, CU’s 102nd Homecoming kicks off this weekend. The festivities will include the Buffs’ football game facing Arizona State University, a Friday parade and a concert featuring Gallant and RKCB. Pearl Street will come alive this weekend, as the university hosts a variety of alumni events and student celebrations.

If you want to learn the history of the beverage you’re imbibing during Homecoming this weekend, try talking to Travis Rupp. The Daily Camera ran a short feature on Rupp – a lecturer at CU and a brewer at Avery — earlier this week. Rupp’s known affectionately as “The Beer Archaeologist,” and is one of the only experts on ancient beer history in the nation. Through a collaboration between CU, Avery and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, he’s developing Egyptian, Viking and Incan recipes to accompany museum exhibits opening over the next year. An exhibit featuring his take on ancient Egyptian beer opens Friday.


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