A bomb, a Buff and a teacher made the crime news in Boulder County this week


Authorities used these robots to inspect the explosive device left outside the Nederland Police Department on Oct. 11. Boulder Daily Camera photo courtesy 7News Denver.

An interagency law enforcement team investigated a backpack bomb left at the Nederland, Colorado, police station, a former University of Colorado football player increased the length of his rap sheet, and a 50-year-old high school teacher learned a lesson after providing drugs to his students.

Improvised explosive device found outside Nederland police station

An IED inside a backpack was discovered at the Nederland police station on Oct. 11, leading to the day-long evacuation of the shopping center where the station is located. The device was destroyed by controlled detonation early the next morning. The FBI is investigating.

Ex-CU Buff already facing felony charges arrested (again)

Former University of Colorado lineman Nathaniel Robbins, 23, was arrested on Sept. 25 for burglary, protection order and bond violations. At the time of his most recent arrest, he was out on bond from a previous arrest on assault charges. He will be in court for preliminary hearings on Oct. 17 and Nov. 29.

High school teacher who provided drugs to students pleads guilty

Brian du Fresne, 50, will serve a one-year deferred sentence and perform 24 hours of community service following a misdemeanor guilty plea for providing marijuana edibles to students. Du Fresne is a language arts teacher at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado, currently on administrative leave.



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