Shakespeare, marijuana tax revenues are used to prevent bullying in area schools

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is visiting Colorado Schools with its all-female, bilingual production of Taming the Shrew.

CU Boulder Today reported that the play, targeting students in grades 3 through twelve, encourages them to take action if they are witnesses to bullying.  The six-seek ant-bullying tour will visit 30 schools around the state.

Students at Longmont’s Eagle Crest Elementary watched the abridged version of Taming the Shrew, and one fifth-grade student told the Daily Camera, “I feel like all the people in the audience are going to stop bullying when they see it.”

Funds from marijuana tax revenue can soon be used by Colorado schools to prevent bullying.  Last November, Colorado voters passed Proposition BB which allowed the state to keep all surplus tax revenues.

Green Rush Daily reported that those revenues have totaled $66 million, and will now be offered as $40,000 grants from the Colorado Department of Education to prevent bullying.  Schools have until October 21 to apply for a bully prevention grant.


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