This week in music news


CU Bouder holds 14th annual Rocky Mountain Bass Festival

Approximately 80 students and teachers came together for the one-day Rocky Mountain Bass Festival at the CU College of Music on Sunday. The festival, in it’s 14th year, gives students a chance to learn more about playing their instruments, giving them the tolls to become better musicians.

Teachers from across the country came to CU to help the students, who ranged from beginners to veteran players, perfect their craft. Following the classes and rehearsals, the students came together to perform a “Monster Bass” ensemble concert. Check out photos of the event here.


Andrew W.K. to visit Colorado

Songs such as “Party Hard” and “Party ‘Til You Puke” made him rise to stardom in the early 2000’s, and now Andrew W.K. is taking his philosophy of partying on a country wide motivational speaking tour, called “The Power of Partying.”

Boulder Weekly chatted with the musician turned motivational speaker, who is headed to Colorado to give his talk at the Gothic Theater in Englewood on October 11.


Colorado company to accept applications to help out music startups

Boulder company Techstars, a company that runs business accelerators around the country for startups, will be accepting applications for a three-month program to help music startups get the ball rolling.

Popular in the tech industry, the program will help startups by giving them money to begin business, in exchange for a percentage of the company’s stock. These types of programs are a way to get your business up and running quicker and more efficiently. The program includes mentoring for the companies by executives for the ten companies who will be accepted into the program. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is looking for startups which will be “creating new types copyright-management solutions, curation technology and new types of at-home and mobile-phone music experiences, among other things.”


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