Street Art Gets Some Love in Boulder and Denver



Paul Aiken, Boulder Daily Camera

Smile! You’re on… a public mailbox. A fence. A pay phone.

Boulder artist Smile has gained local attention recently for his work over the past year in and around downtown. Although this artwork is technically graffiti, it seems to be attracting more fans than enemies. The saying “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” is working in Smile’s favor, with many local businesses taking steps to protect the work on their property while reporting other vandalism. He notes in a Sept. 30 feature in the Daily Camera that he is respectful of Boulder’s community, and that he would have stopped if work was unwanted. Yet he’s had a few close calls with the law.

See some street art in Boulder yourself? Post about it online and add #StreetArtBoulder and it could end up here.

Approved: under certain conditions – and highways.

The Colorado Department of Transportation gave permission for artists to paint a portion of East 46th Street that passes under I-70, in order to beautify it as part of a project by collective group Duct-Work, organized by the Denver Arts and Skills Center, Communication Infrastructure Group and others. It’s one of several public arts initiatives around Denver in recent years, and one of few that support street art and artists. This underpass, however, comes with an expiration date. Construction in a few years will build a park over the area where these murals now stand.

It’s “plein” to see.

Jefferson County is hosting its first plein air festival, “In Plein Sight,” this week. Planned and organized by PLAN Jeffco, it aims to celebrate the beauty of Jefferson County Open Space parks with a week of events (free and open to the public) from Oct. 4-9. This inaugural event took 18 months of planning and won’t occur every year, so swing by White Ranch Park or Clear Creek Trail Friday and Saturday to see artists in action or find their final drafts available for purchase at the Golden Community Center on Saturday and Sunday in Golden, Colorado.


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