In higher ed, stuff happens


Boulder police assess security outside the UMC on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Paul Aiken, Daily Camera staff photographer.

If you checked your cell phone in Boulder on Wednesday, you were probably a little confused at the chaos. Text and e-mail alerts warned of a renegade with a machete near Folsom Field, and an “active harmer” at a Starbucks. The alerts came just one day after an alert of an active shooter on campus turned out to be a hoax. The man with a machete, a 28-year-old former Marine, was shot and killed by Boulder police. The “active harmer,” however, was another hoax. CU officials sent out numerous, often contradictory alerts. Officials claim that they will review university policy to determine how they can improve their alert system in the future.

If you thought your argument with your roommate was bad freshman year… then maybe don’t major in philosophy. Four philosophy professors — three in the U.S. and one in British Columbia — received packages containing human feces in the mail. All four professors were involved in a contentious quarrel over the abuse of power in their discipline. Some speculate that controversial scholar and blogger Brian Leiter was involved with the packages, but he denied the accusations. The packages contribute to a literal shit-storm in philosophy, with additional controversies resounding over the silencing of woman and minority perspectives and sexual harassment scandals.

Students at George Washington University won’t have to eat so much Ramen. GWU, one of the most expensive universities in the nation opened a food pantry on campus last week. University officials say they were responding to national data — a survey of colleges and universities found that 48 percent of students around the country experience food insecurity. About 300 other institutions have taken a similar approach to helping students secure affordable, nutritious meals.


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