Good news law enforcement stories this week — unless you’ve been wasting federal funds

Broken driver's side window

Deputy Javes’ broken driver’s side window shot out by the bullet intended for her on Sept. 10. Boulder County DA’s office photo.

The deputy who shot and killed the man who shot at her is cleared by the DA’s office, the town of Lyons is investigated again for how they’re managing federal flood recovery money and animal control officers in Boulder once again save a helpless creature.

Deputy cleared by DA in fatal shooting of armed suspect

Deputy Teri Javes was justified in her use of lethal force on Sept. 10 when she shot the man who opened fire on her and later died. No charges will be filed by Boulder County DA Stan Garnett and Javes is expected to return to duty soon following paid administrative leave while the shooting was investigated.

Feds investigate town’s handling of millions in flood recovery money

Investigators from the FBI and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are scouring computer records from the town of Lyons to learn more about how local officials are managing $36 million in federal flood recovery grants. This investigation follows a report from April criticizing Lyons’ management of the first $9 million in aid the town received from the feds.

Boulder Police Animal Control Division officers come to the rescue…again

Nature lovers and cop supporters in Boulder again applauded the efforts of animal control officers who this week responded to reports of a squirrel impaled on an exposed nail on a fence. Officers carefully removed the squirrel, determined it only had superficial injuries, and released it.



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