This week in Boulder Science -Fracked Up Politics, More National Recognition for CU Scientists, and a Birthday on Mars

Donald Trump Accidentally Agrees with Clinton in Meeting with Denver Oil Execs

DENVER – In a meeting last Tuesday, presidential candidate Donald Trump accidentally allied himself with Clinton when answering a question about his support of local regulation of fracking sites. This stance is exactly that of his Democratic opponent and prompted several members of his campaign team to backtrack and suggest that Trump did not understand the question. He then attempted to double-down on his mishap by suggesting that if Clinton were elected, she would “decimate” Colorado’s oil and gas industry.

UCAR President to Recieve National Recognition

Boulder’s University Corporation for Atmospheric Research or UCAR’s president, Antonio  Busalacchi will be inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, or NAE next week. The NAE seeks to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions in engineering and Busalacchi’s research on remote sensing of tropical oceans and climate systems granted him this distinguished induction.

Happy  Martian Birthday, MAVEN Expedition!

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN , or MAVEN, led by the University of Colorado Boulder, is celebrating its first year of scientific observations of mars. This is particularly significant because one Mars year is equivalent to just about two years here on Earth. This expedition has contributed significant studies to the field, including some of the most in-depth images to date. MAVEN has been extended for another expedition expected to last two more Earth years, until September of 2018. globe_orbit03480_0min_newcolors

Photo: courtesy MAVEN, view of mars via ultralight spectrometer


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