Colorado, U.S have important decisions to make as Election Day approaches

Protesters in North Dakota not throwing away their shot

North Dakota continues to be ground zero for the Dakota Access Pipeline protests that have ramped up since August. Protesters have faced mounting challenges, as Law enforcement officials have begun arrests this week. Who knew that protesting crude oil being transported from North Dakota to Illinois would result in staring down guns.

A President Refuted

Obama’s veto on the 9/11 Victims Bill was vetoed by Congress after both the U.S House and the U.S Senate overturned the president’s decision. This is the first time in his presidency Obama has had his veto overturned, and it’s on a bill that could make the U.S vulnerable. While families of victims from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks can now sue Saudi Arabia for their alleged role in the attacks, it opens the U.S to lawsuits for actions taken by the U.S military abroad.

Who lives, who dies, for Colorado did that debate even tell a story?

Colorado is now among a number of swing states that Trump will need to rally in order to keep pace with Clinton, especially after that debate. Colorado has had the largest shift in the past month, as it has shifted from a double-digit point lead for Clinton into a virtual deadlock. Appealing to a larger demographic will be Trump’s best shot to earn Colorado’s nine electoral votes.


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