Verdict meted out and charges levied on some of the county’s worst this week


Convicted cop killer Christopher Gebers. Boulder Daily Camera photo.

The driver who struck and killed a Colorado State Patrol cadet while fleeing police was found guilty of murder, the 16-year-old hitchhiker who assaulted an elderly woman on Sept. 10 will be tried as an adult and two men were each charged with 31 crimes stemming from a county-wide crime spree.

Driver fleeing police who struck and killed a law enforcement cadet guilty of first-degree murder

Jurors in Boulder County found Christopher Lee Gebers, 28, guilty of murder on Sept. 28 in the death of Colorado State Patrol cadet Taylor Thyfault. Gebers struck and killed Thyfault while fleeing police on May 1, 2015, as Thyfault assisted at the scene of an accident on Highway 66.

Teen hitchhiker who assaulted elderly woman charged as an adult

Jeffrey Collins, 16, who violently assaulted Katie Kulpa, 71, after she gave him a ride on Sept. 10 has been charged as an adult. Documents are currently sealed, but investigators have previously stated Collins would likely face attempted first-degree murder and assault on an at-risk adult felony charges.

Two men each receive 31 charges for last week’s car chase in Boulder County

Matthew Leon, 22, and Manuel Rodela, 20, were each handed 31 felony and misdemeanor charges on Sept. 27 for a crime spree that included stolen cars, police pursuits and shooting at occupied vehicles with a pellet gun. Erie police are still searching for two accomplices.



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