BVSD School Board considers boundary proposal for new K-8 school in Erie



Lafayette resident Todd Lammers asks the BVSD school board to consider the importance of maintaining social connection for middle school students as a new school opens in Erie (Photo by Chad Franzen/Under the Flatirons).

The planner for the Boulder Valley School District told the BVSD School Board at its meeting Tuesday night that proposed attendance boundary lines for the new K-8 school in Erie are clean and “very easy to follow.”

Planner Glen Segrue provided clarification and answers to questions to the school board, as members consider whether to vote for or against the proposed boundaries at its next meeting on Oct. 11.

Segrue said BVSD anticipates additional residential development in both Lafayette and Erie, necessitating the construction of a new K-8 school in Erie.  The proposed attendance boundaries for the school, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2017, would re-assign some students who currently attend Lafayette Elementary and Angevine Middle School.

If the proposed boundary is approved, the new school would serve students who live north of Arapahoe Avenue and east of Highway 287, along with those who live within a half-mile strip of land north of Isabelle Road and east of Highway 287.

“We want to make sure that we have enough students, at the time school starts, that we can populate the new school and run programs there,” Segrue said. “We also don’t want to take too many students away from the old school(s).”

Segrue projects that the new school would have an enrollment of between 450 and 500 students when it opens.  He anticipates that Lafayette Elementary would have an enrollment of 425, down from its current level of 610.

Parents who spoke during the public participation portion of the meeting expressed a desire to have their children maintain and build on their current social relationships that exist within the schools they currently attend.  The boundary proposal includes a grandfathering provision where students can finish their studies at their current school without having to file an open enrollment application.

The district plans to provide bus service to eighth graders who choose to continue to remain at Angevine Middle School instead of moving to the new K-8 in their final year of middle school.

Some parents requested that sixth and seventh graders also be provided bus service, but Superintendent Dr. Bruce Messinger said the district is “not supporting that recommendation.”


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