Boulder County law enforcement has a relatively quiet Friday night


Deputy Sam Yaffe and Mitch Utterback.

End of watch.

It’s 6 a.m. and his night is over. Deputy Sam Yaffe, a nine-year veteran of Boulder County law enforcement is on his way home to his wife and two young daughters right now. Just like it should always be.

Yaffe has just completed a 12-hour shift that took him across 200 miles of Boulder County. During the night he visited 10 cities and towns, stopped several cars, conducted a foot patrol in a high-crime area and took one person to jail on a misdemeanor warrant.

Every car Yaffe pulled over turned out to be driven poorly rather than under the influence. A man pulling a new camper, a shift worker heading home after a double and a man who’d forgotten to turn on his headlights were all greeted with sincere politeness and professionalism. No one was cited.

“Good night,” he said to the driver. “Safe journey home.”

A domestic disturbance call brought Yaffe in contact with a man and woman, both with mental illness. She was homeless, and the man taken her in. He quickly became overwhelmed and asked her to leave. She stayed, and he called 911.

An outstanding warrant required her removal to the county jail. As the deputies led her away, the man spoke.

“I have schizophrenia and am bipolar,” he said. “I can’t handle this by myself.”

He listened to some suggested courses of action he’d not considered. He seemed grateful.

In Lyons Yaffe stopped a 20-year-old man at 4 a.m. walking down the middle of the road. After a short, not completely coherent conversation, he agreed to let Yaffe drive him back home.

Everyone with whom Yaffe came in contact last night was supportive and respectful of the deputy. Yaffe said Boulder County law enforcement still enjoys broad support from the population.


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