This Week in The Environment – Mergers, Lawsuits, and Heat

Impending Bayer-Monsanto merger may fail due to threat to market

The  $66 billion Bayer-Monsanto merger may not be approved by regulators as the companies would have a disporportionate control of the agribusiness market. Such control has the potential to raise food prices for consumers and put farmers out of business. Agricultural mergers are occurring between other major companies such as Dupont and Dow Chemical in order to combine research funding to solve impending challenges to the industry. These challenges include rising global temperatures and population growth. Regulators have yet to approve the Bayer-Monsanto merger.

Colorado residents file lawsuit against manufacturers over contaminated drinking water

Nine Colorado residents are filing a lawsuit against at least six manufacturing companies after finding elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals in their blood. The plaintiffs believe that 3M and other companies that produce a firefighting foam have caused pollutants to leach into waterways and contaminate the local watershed. The residents seek admittance of negligence, water monitoring and testing, and medical compensation from the defendants.

Climate change to cause warmer temperatures and severe storms along the Front Range

Research commissioned by Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver finds that future summers along the Front Range will be similar to those experienced in Texas with more 100 degree or above days. In addition, more frequent and severe storms producing either snow or rain may occur. This research was conducted in an attempt to inform Colorado cities on how to best budget and adapt to climate change.


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