Coloradans question the health effects of marijuana as the election draws closer

With the election being only a few short months away, Coloradans are checking their favorite political candidate’s stance on marijuana and researching marijuana’s potential health benefits.

Several states are putting marijuana legalization on the ballot this November and many Americans are looking to Colorado to act as an example of legalization.

Many years after the legalization of marijuana, Coloradans still have both negative and positive views. While the majority seems to be in support, not everyone is happy about the legalization of marijuana and believe that this has made Colorado suffer and jeopardized the health of our citizens.

Some want to see small changes but want to make sure that it stays legal and also not a federal decision. Gov. John Hickenlooper admits while he considered legalization to be “reckless,” he knows that his job is to “deliver on the will of the people of Colorado.”

As we draw closer to the November 2016 Presidential Election, it will be interesting to see how the health effects of marijuana come into consideration.


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