An afternoon of arts & culture conversation at The Boulder Public Library

At the Boulder Public Library, visitors will find a charming café overlooking Boulder Creek, a theater, a rotating art exhibition, books, DVDs, CDs and a wide variety of people. On Sunday, Aug. 18 I spoke with a few patrons about their involvement in the arts and culture scene in Boulder and about their interest in upcoming events the city.

In the art gallery, I approached a couple, Vernita, 50, and Blake Cannon, 54. They were enchanted with a collection of small forest animals crafted out of clay. The Cannons keep up with arts and culture, but local media don’t make it easy.

“We read the Daily Camera but I don’t think that paper has an arts and culture section,” Vernita said.

The Cannons live near Alpine street and were visiting the library to peruse the artist samples on exhibition for the Open Studio Tour coming up in October.

“We love to go every year,” Blake said. “It’s wonderful to see the artist’s process and you can buy pieces, too.”

Tony Burfield, 39, works at the library and lives in Pinemont Springs.

“I don’t believe we have a newspaper in my town,” said Burfield, who said he’s somewhat involved in the town’s art scene..

“I don’t really do much like, gallery crawling type stuff but here at the Library we always have a rotating exhibit in our art gallery,” he said. “The Jaipur Literary Festival is next weekend, so I’m pretty excited about that.”

Yi Yan was nursing a cup of tea and doodling near a sunny window in the cafe when I approached her. The 33-year-old artist has lived in the Parkside neighborhood of Boulder for a year.

“I do programming work to pay the bills but I love art and run an art studio out of my home,” she said.

Yan was excited to tell me about the many diversity events occurring monthly at Naropa University.

“There is a Buddhism and social justice talk on October 9 that I’ll be attending,” she said.

The diverse group of library patrons gave me great ideas for future Arts & Culture posts, and also an insight into potential audience preferences about what they’d like to read.



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