Presidential race tightens, Biden visits Denver, and Senate candidates debate at CU

Presidential race narrows in Colorado
While polling averages still show Hillary Clinton holding the edge in Colorado, her lead over Donald Trump is weaning. One Republican pollster told the Daily Camera that Clinton’s lag may have less to do with Trump — who will visit Colorado Springs Saturday — and more to do with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s success at drumming up local support.

Biden talks foreign policy at DU
In an hour-long address at the University of Denver on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden stressed the importance of international engagement, warning against the “impulse to hunker down, shut the gates and build walls,” The Denver Post reported.

Libertarian, Green Party senate candidates talk guns, healthcare and political body cams at CU
Colorado’s third party U.S. Senate candidates debated Thursday at CU’s Boulder campus. Topics included libertarian candidate Lily Tang Williams’ AR-15, which Green Party candidate Arn Menconi said he’d work to ban if elected, and Williams’ plan to require body cameras for politicians. You can stream the two-hour debate online at The Colorado Independent.


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