Disputes over funding and wages spur turmoil on campuses across the nation

Remember that grumpy professor freshman year? A group representing Front Range Community College professors and others asked Colorado lawmakers to audit adjunct wages in the Colorado Community College System in a letter last week. In the letter alleging their complaints, the professors cited “abysmal working conditions” and poverty level wages.

The debate over faculty wages isn’t isolated to Colorado. At Long Island University, faculty members have been embroiled in a two-week lockout over salary negotiations. The University’s administration has locked out more than 600 faculty members, and hundreds of students have walked out of their temporary instructor-led classes to join the protest.


ITT Technical Institute, which shut its doors last week. The closure left more than 35,000 students with no institution to return to. Many of these students took on substantial debt to pursue higher education. Image courtesy of WikiCommons.

Arguments over profit and funding in higher education go beyond professors’ salaries. The collapse of the for-profit ITT Technical Institute last week may have signaled a pop in the for-profit college bubble. More than 130 ITT campuses closed all over the nation, and some Front Range campuses have stepped up to provide some solace for ITT’s displaced and indebted students.


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