JonBenét Ramsey 20 years later: Unsolved


JonBenét Ramsey grave at Saint James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia.

Most Americans know the tragic story of JonBenét Ramsey: The anniversary of her death is approaching, and local media outlets have kept a watchful eye on the case for 20 years. As the investigation continues, the Boulder police have investigated 20,000 tips and interviewed 1,000 people to no avail.

Boulder police have been criticized for mishandling the crime scene, and conspiracy theories over who committed the crime have plagued the police over the years, the most recent concerning if DNA testing could reveal the race of the killer, and the discredited technician, Richard Eikelenboom who conducted the DNA test.

Recently Burke Ramsey, spoke out in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw,  and he debunked several conspiracy theories that focused on his or his parents killing JonBenét. Specifically, Burke said his mother, Patsy Ramsey, wrote the controversial ransom note found in the household after JonBenét’s death.



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