Jared Polis breaks ranks on refugee bill, Hillary Clinton to visit Boulder on Tuesday


Syrian refugee Mahmoud, in the underground shelter where he lives with his family in El Akbiya, Lebanon, Friday, September 20, 2013. He shares a tiny room measuring 2.5m x 3.5 metres with his parents and eight siblings. UNHCR/S. Baldwin

Jared Polis bucks Obama, other Colorado Dems on refugee bill

U.S. Rep. Polis voted with Republicans Thursday to increase screening and security requirements for Syrian refugees hoping to gain asylum in the U.S..  The two other Colorado Dems in the House (Reps. Diana DeGette and Ed Perlmutter) voted against the bill.  The bill has been considered intentionally cumbersome to refugee admission by the Obama administration, and condemned by civil rights groups like the ACLU.

Hillary Clinton to visit Boulder and Denver next week

The Democratic presidential candidate will be attending campaign events at the Boulder Theater on Tuesday, November 24, and Manual High School in Denver on Wednesday, November 25.  Clinton will be in town to raise grassroot support among caucusgoers for Colorado’s party caucuses in March.

Suzanne Jones elected Boulder’s next mayor

Councilwoman Jones, who will be serving a second term as mayor, will succeed Councilman Matt Appelbaum, who has been Mayor of Boulder since 2011.  Jones was voted in with a 5-4 vote by a divided city council (in Boulder, the mayor is elected by the council instead of citizens).


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