Colorado’s water plan

What to do as the West grows drier

Colorado released its first ever water plan on Thursday in an attempt to accommodate the Wast as it continues to grow drier.

The snow melt in Colorado creates trillions of gallons of water and flows across 18 states and into Mexico and the competition for that water will increase as the West continues to experience drought.

Working together to conserve water

While the population grows, Colorado has to decide how to accommodate the water use of the projected 5.3 million person population by 2050.

Some officials have recommended cutting water use by 130 billion gallons a year to sustain growth without creating new development, while utility companies still think Colorado will need to raise billions of dollars to combat the growth.

Working together to conserve water

After more than two years and widespread collaboration and public participation, Colorado’s water plan is finally complete.

“This is how Colorado works: together, in partnership, to tackle head-on our toughest challenges,” said Hickenlooper. “Today we turn a new page on Colorado’s long and adversarial history on water. Colorado’s Water Plan shows us how we can move forward together to ensure we continue to enjoy sufficient supplies for our vibrant cities, productive farms and incomparable environment.”




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