Boulder represented at Paris Climate Conference

Boulder climate scientists will attend the COP21 Paris conference Nov. 30, where world leaders will work toward climate change solutions. The crop from Boulder consists of 25 residents, whose qualifications range from NCAR scientists to global crisis activists, according to The Daily Camera.

A local climate change activism group called C3 Boulder will host a send-off ceremony for them. Guests who attend the event can discuss what they hope will be accomplished at the conference.

Paris to host conference despite attacks

After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris left 129 people dead on Nov. 13, there was speculation over whether the city would be able to host the conference. The National Observer reports soldiers have been deployed across Paris, and French authorities have tightened their security measures in preparation.

Despite the violence in the days leading up to the conference, a number of world leaders are expected to attend.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will attend the conference, along with Green Party leader Elizabeth May.  Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore was already in Paris when the attacks occurred. He hosted 24 Hours of Reality, an event that preceded COP21 and pressured global leaders to take climate action.

Some events at climate talks prohibited

On Wednesday, French officials announced they would not allow marches during the upcoming climate change summit in order to avoid additional risks.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told a local radio station the talks would continue, but “a series of demonstrations planned will not take place, and it will be reduced to the negotiations…a lot of concerts and festivities will be cancelled,” Slate reported.

Some advocacy groups weren’t pleased that their plans to march wouldn’t come to fruition.

“The government can prohibit these demonstrations, but it can not stop the mobilization, and it won’t prevent us from strengthening the climate movement. Our voices will not be silenced,” said Nicolas Haeringer, a spokesperson for French advocacy group


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