CU proposes new master’s degree and promotes student body image

CU renames the student web portal resolving cable network familiarity

In an effort to redirect their image, all of CU’s campuses have changed their online education web portal from University of Colorado On Demand to University of Colorado Connect. CU renamed their online education course, “On Demand,” due to the notoriety of major cable networks like Comcast and DirecTV. The name was decided on in January, however some university brand officials were not in favor of the web address and believe it insinuates not only cable network movie programming, but a false impression of the general student body attitude.



CU is proposing a new program for master’s degree

Discussion of a new master’s degree in experience design was brought up at the Board of Regent’s meeting on Friday. If approved, the program would prepare students with skills to develop creative designs for various entertainment facilities, museums, and theme park attractions. The 16-month full-time program, hosted by the theater and dance department, is geared towards creative artists and thinkers to collaborate and construct a “design center” for outside organizations seeking artistic direction and formation.


Colorado’s international student enrollment increases 

The Colorado Department of Higher Education said on Monday that there has been a 12.3 percent increase of international students coming to Colorado according to StudyColorado’s data research. Researchers’ data reveals that the international student increase in the current 2014-2015 school year is the highest increase during the past 5 years.


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