Weekly roundup includes knives, guns, sexual advances

This week in crime and punishment, two middle-aged guys wielded knives at passers-by, a former student/employee charged her instructor/boss with 15 years of off-and-on sexual harassment, and a robbery-turned-chase turned chase once more before police fatally shot one of the two suspects. Curious? Read on.

Last Friday apparently nut-with-a-knife day in Boulder

Last Friday police arrested two different men in their late 40s for felony menacing, one of whom was chasing people with a knife on the 4800 block of Broadway, while the other was chasing cars with a knife at the Twenty-ninth Street Mall. That was Friday the sixth; what on earth should we expect today, Friday the 13th?

Retired CU-Boulder administrator charged with sexual harassment

What started as a friendship between an instructor and a student 15 years ago has turned into a high-profile airing of years’ worth of dirty laundry, with the former student accusing her former instructor of everything from unwanted sexual advances to inappropriately paternal overtures to flagrant nepotism. This is shaping up to be one to watch, if only because you can’t seem to make yourself look away.

Home-invasion robbery sparks two car chases, ends with one suspect dead

If you follow the link, you’ll see the fourth Daily Camera article in as many days about this event. It all started on Tuesday morning, when two men forcibly relieved a Sunshine Canyon man of an undisclosed amount of marijuana. Over the next 12 hours, police from multiple jurisdictions caught sight of the suspects’ white Chevy Suburban, eventually finding it empty. Almost exactly 12 hours later, a second chase in a new vehicle ended with one or more officers shooting one of the suspects dead. The other suspect remains at large.

Featured aerial view of Sunshine Canyon home robbed on Tuesday courtesy of 7News Denver.


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