Drug criminals fall, Dynel Lane seeks a venue change & Halloween gets weird

Purchase and possession of steroids or narcotics landed several people in jail, various motions were filed ahead of the Dynel Lame trial and Halloween got a bit weirder than some residents had hoped.

Boulder steroids buyer turns informant, implicates Chinese dealer

New York City investigators discovered in May 2014 that the unnamed informant was receiving anabolic steroids through the mail from three different Chinese suppliers. Despite his cooperation with federal agents, the informant was charged with multiple felonies; the Chinese dealer faces up to 20 years in prison and fines up to a quarter of a million dollars.

Longmont SWAT raids apartment, arrests 4 on various charges

A Thursday morning drug raid ended with four people in custody, the SWAT commander reported. Five people were in the apartment at the time, one of whom SWAT reportedly had to fire a “less-than-lethal” round to remove. The police also found evidence implicating the occupants in local car break-ins.

Dynel Lane seeks venue change for February attempted-murder trial

Lane can’t be tried for murdering the 7-month-old baby she allegedly cut from Michelle Wilkins’ womb in March, but she’s hoping the judge will consider moving the trial for attempting to murder Wilkins herself. The district attorney doesn’t think a change is needed, arguing that fewer people know about and have formed an opinion about the case than the defense contends. The motions will be heard on Dec. 1.

Boulder police combat Halloween unruliness

Anyone expecting a quiet Halloween must not lived in a college town before. Events included:

  • on Lincoln Place, a party’s hired security guard broke up a fight in the yard by soaking the fighters with pepper spray
  • on 14th Street, a man broke a window by slamming a gun against it
  • on 12th Street, police caught two men who allegedly entered a man’s apartment and threatened him with a knife
  • on 14th again, women reported that a strange man entered through an unlocked door, then left when one of the women screamed at him

Watch yourselves out there, Boulderites!

Featured anabolic steroids image from 2007 “Operation raw deal” bust courtesy of the Drug Enforcement Administration.


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