Boulder votes decisively against growth-related issues 300 and 301, while City Council will see a mix of faces old and new

Over 60 percent of Tuesday’s voters rejected issues 300 and 301, which called for tighter regulation on new development.

The ballot issues were widely panned by advocacy groups and citizens from across the political spectrum, and the disapproval showed in the numbers.  Of the over 20,000 ballots counted so far, 61.7 percent of voters rejected the measures, with only 38.3 percent voting for them.  Critics contend that aside from increasing the bureaucracy and cost involved in new development, the measures would have made Boulder an even less affordable place to live.

Colorado voters reject refunds, vote to spend marijuana tax surplus on schools

The lopsided vote on statewide Proposition BB – 69% of voters voted to divert the $66 million to schools and substance abuse programs – reaffirms what voters intended when they approved Amendment 64 to the Colorado constitution: to use marijuana tax revenue on the state’s schools.  If the proposition had failed, taxpayers would have received refunds of $6 to $16 and marijuana growers and consumers would have received $41 million in tax breaks.

Boulder City Council race projects to return two incumbents and introduce three new members

Level 3 Communications executive Bob Yates led the voting among candidates for five city council seats on Tuesday night, while Councilman Tim Plass appears to be the only one of three incumbents who will lose a seat as he lags far behind in eight place.  Aside from Yates, the other candidates projected in the top five are Councilwoman Suzanne Jones who will be receiving a second term; Councilwoman Lisa Morzel, a four-term incumbent; Planning Board chairman Aaron Brockett; and former tech executive Jan Burton.


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