Smokes and Jokes

Margaux Steiner: This is where it all begins…Downtown Boulder at Johnny’s Cigar Bar on Tuesday nights at 8:30 for their “Smokes and Jokes Open Mic Comedy Night” hosted by Tobias Livingston.

Tobias Livingston: I run Johnnys Comedy Open Mic on Tuesdays. I do usually a little set up front. Sometimes I do other people’s shows around the state. 

Margaux Steiner: Comedy is how Tobias sees the world.

Tobias Livingston: I just think, this way, I think comedically every time I see a news story or something ‘what’s the weird association? What is this…Why is this tragedy funny? I just twist everything. That way, there are two faces to every coin, you know? So…there’s studies showing us that it’s part of our evolution to get us through tough times. 

Margaux Steiner: Upcoming comedians vie to make us laugh. For some, it’s a hobby.

Den Weflen: I started doing this like on a whim because one of my friends, one of my friends, actually from the physics department, I don’t know, I just started doing that, while I was looking for a job.

Margaux Steiner: Dan Weflen explains how sometimes it can work as a tool.

Dan Weflen: I had a lot of stage fright and then uh, sort of part of the reason, um, I was you know, having… I realized that I was having a hard time like, not even like…Not so much finding work but a hard time just looking for it because I have a hard time. I have a hard time talking to people, if that makes sense. So I’m bad at talking people so I was like, ‘Okay here’s what I’ll do. I’ll like go up on stage that’ll like, I’ll be good at talking’…if that makes sense.

 Margaux Steiner: For some, like Jacob Rupp, it becomes all-consuming.

Jacob Rupp: I’m a film studies major with a creative writing majors, so pretty much this. Now it’s the only thing I can do. It’s a weird thing. Ah, I just love it so much that I can’t do anything else.

Margaux Steiner: It’s a platform for comedians to apply their trade in 5-minute sets. But in the end, it’s about having fun and being a part of this the community.

This is Margaux Steiner reporting for Under the Flatirons.




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