GOP Debate rolls through Boulder, faces little resistance from locals

Outside Coors Event Center, GOP debate draws relatively quiet CU student response

For all the tension and energy seen during the GOP debate on Wednesday, the response from the CU student community was relatively muted.  Despite attempts by several student groups and organizers to draw large crowds at anti-GOP rallies outside the Event Center and on campus, relatively few student or Boulder residents showed up.  A debate watch party at the Glenn Miller Ballroom drew a fairly large audience, but the crowd was relatively quiet (and polite) during the debate itself.

Big money rolling in to fight approval of ballot issues 300 & 301

One Boulder, a group devoted to defeating the property development measures in ballot issues 300 & 301, has raised almost $30,000 during the past week, bringing its total haul to $160,000 during this election cycle.  Most of the new money has come from six donors, all of whom have interests in development and real estate interests in Boulder.  A supposed ‘get out the vote’ phone campaign by the group has been accused of actually being a campaign call in disguise, with poll questions being accused of giving misleading information.

State AG approves new rules for marijuana products, includes THC labeling for edibles

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman approved on Friday new rules for marijuana products, including a new labeling system for marijuana-based edibles.  By October 2016, all manufacturers of edibles which contain marijuana must place a diamond-shaped stamp containing the letters “THC” and an exclamation point.  Other rules approved includes limiting 10 mg of THC (considered a ‘single serving’) in drinks and granola products and limiting the number of edibles which can be purchased in a single transaction (80 ‘single servings’ if you’re a Colorado resident, 20 if you have an out-of-state ID).


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