Boulder County sees crimes against police, first-degree murder charges & a life sentence

This week in crime, Boulder police officers suffered minor injuries after run-ins with an allegedly drunk woman driving and an avowedly drunk woman walking.The Boulder County District Attorney continues to pursue first-degree murder charges against the driver in a crash that killed one and injured four, though the coroner ruled the death accidental. Meanwhile, it’s life in prison for Kevin Elmarr. A jury found him guilty today of murdering his ex-wife over 28 years ago.

Drunk CU student tries to enter police car

A police officer nearly pulled his gun on a drunk 22-year-old student around 2 a.m. today when she opened the door of his stopped police car in downtown Boulder. The woman told the officer she was drunk and needed a ride. As other officers arrived to help take the woman to detox, she swore at and eventually kicked the officer, instead earning her a trip to jail. The incident was recorded on four different police body cameras.

Allegedly drunk woman crashes into cruiser, injures officer

Two hours before the incident above, a different Boulder police officer was in his patrol car near U.S. 36 and Table Mesa Drive investigating a crash when an allegedly drunk 23-year-old woman crashed into his car before striking another one. The officer was treated for minor injuries.

District attorney pursues first-degree murder charge despite coroner’s determination of accidental death

Evidence and witness testimony both indicate that Wiggins was driving extremely recklessly when he crashed his car and its four other passengers into a tree two-and-a-half months ago. One of the passengers was ejected from the car, landing in a creek where she died of drowning and other injuries, according to the coroner’s report. The D.A. is not backing off the first-degree murder charge, and if a Boulder police detective’s testimony is any indication, the D.A. has sufficient cause. Wiggins’ arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 1.

Elmarr again found guilty of 1987 murder

In 1987, Carol Murphy’s body was found in Lefthand Canyon. She had been strangled, her throat was cut and one of her ears had been removed. After 20 years, her ex-husband was charged with the murder and a jury found him guilty. That ruling was later overturned. But now all of the evidence has been heard, and the judge has sentenced Murphy’s ex-husband, Kevin Elmarr, to life in prison. He won’t be eligible for parole until he’s 98 years old.

Feature image courtesy of the Boulder Police Officers’ Association.


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