Merging science with the community

NCAR creates system visualizations for Earth Science Week

The National Center for Atmospheric Research celebrated Earth Science Week last week, from Oct. 11-18. For the event, NCAR scientists and researchers at other institutions created visualizations to help people make sense of their work.

The had help from the Computational and Informational Systems Lab (CISL), which houses The Scientific Visualization Group, The Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere and Social Researchers Group and the NCAR Command Language Group.

Each of these resources plays a role in making scientific research more engaging and accessible to people who aren’t scientists. Earth Science Week had a central focus of helping people visualize Earth systems, like earthquakes, air, wind and fire.

Meet CU Scientists at Boulder Public Library

The University of Colorado, Boulder will host Portal to the Public: Meet a CU Scientist Saturday at the Boulder Public Library.

The event is hosted by CU Science Discovery and will give community members an opportunity to learn about scientific research.

The CU STEM community will be represented by 11 scientists from the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, cancer prevention, hydrology, climate science and engineering. They’ve been training for two months to present their research in impactful ways.


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