Hemp industry on the rise

Hemp grown for oil infused foods

CBDRx based out of Boulder harvested more than 50,000 pounds of hemp which will be used for the first time to make cannabidiol (CBD).

This oil, which is non-psychoactive and believed to have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties will be infused with products like Longmont’s Raising the Bar’s gluten-free granola bars.

Alexis Korybut, president of CBDRx said this year is probably the first year hemp was grown in majority for its cannabidiol properties and not for its fiber and textile properties.

Hemp car stops in Denver

A car made from hemp fibers stopped in Denver on October 11.

The engine can also run entirely on biobutanol, which is a fuel made from agricultural leftovers.

Bruce Dietzen, the designer of the car said he got his idea from Henry Ford who allegedly also made a car from hemp in 1941.

Pueblo Economic Development Corporation endorses hemp

Pueblo Economic Development Corp. has endorsed hemp growing as one of its three areas of industry it would like to develop.

Colorado registered 164 growers this year which covers about 3,500 acres of outdoor hemp plots and almost 500,000 square feet of indoor plant growth.

While hemp growth, like marijuana is still a federal crime, the hemp products can be sold legally across state lines.


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