The Starhouse is going on the market

[Singing: Something Opens our Wings]

Reporter Anja Semanco: On October 10 2015, I attended my second dance for universal peace at the Starhouse, a spiritual building west of boulder up sunshine canyon drive.

The Starhouse holds special significance for those seeking a spiritual but non-religious experience.

However, the Starhouse is not taking any reservations past the new year. In January, the current owners will be putting it on the market, leaving the dance community uncertain about their future in boulder.

[Mutterings in the Starhouse]

Timothy Dobson: So friends welcome to the Starhouse dance tonight, and I would like to get going in the next minute or two. And for the first thing we’re going to do tonight is a chant.

[Chanting begins]

Anja Semanco: Timothy Dobson, a spiritual minister leads the group in a chant to begin the evening.

[Dobson beings to sing Set me as a Seal]

Timothy Dobson: Yeah the dances I do are called Dances for Universal Peace. They’re done in many countries of the world now, but they were started in the 1960s by a Sufi teacher in the San Francisco area. And the idea was appreciating the myriad ways that people explore and understand the divine.

Well the Starhouse is on the real estate market. Along with two other properties that are contiguous with it. The owners are wanting to step back from being the sole stewards of that land and that place.


Timothy Dobson: I think that the lack of availability potentially of the Starhouse to the dance community starting next year, will actually deepen people’s appreciation and probably leave some people kicking themselves that they didn’t take advantage of it when it was available.

The dance we had last night at the Starhouse had a particular focus on remembering two people that have died recently but have been long standing participants in the dances.

[Singing: Ancestors old, Ancestors new]

Anja Semanco: Dobson has explored for years why people come to the dances. He said he now believes it comes down to belonging. That there aren’t often places for the non-religious to gather and explore their spirituality. Losing the Starhouse will be losing part of that community.

[Singing fades out]


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