Sentences handed down in yarmulke assault case, and police nab suspect in over 40 burglariesDusk

Two Sentenced for Assaulting Jewish Man Who Refused to Remove Yarmulke

Bryan Tayefeh, 30, and Yotam Monjack, 27, plead guilty on Friday to hate-crime charges stemming from their December 14, 2014 assault of 22-year-old Seth Fineman at the Sundown Saloon in Boulder.  The defendants told Fineman to remove his yarmulke, and when he refused, Tayafeh smashed a pint glass over Fineman’s head and both men proceeded to physically assault Fineman.  Boulder District Judge Patrick Butler sentenced Tayafeh to 28 days in jail and 200 hours of community service, while Monjack received a 2 year suspended sentence and 5 days on a jail work crew.

Boulder Police Arrest Suspect in Over 40 Burglaries

Nick Duskin, a 31-year-old Aurora man, is suspected to be involved in over 40 burglaries in Boulder and the Denver metro area between April and September.  The burglaries often involve the burglar entering residences while residents are sleeping inside.  Boulder police arrested Duskin at his residence in Aurora on Wednesday, where they found thousands of items they believe to be stolen.  Police are now trying to match the items to their owners.

Police Arrest Suspect in Subway Restaurant Armed Robbery

Daniel Edward Romano, 26, was arrested Sunday for allegedly robbing the Subway restuarant at Gunbarrel Shopping Center.  Police say Romano used a knife to threaten employees during the robbery, and has existing warrants for his arrest in Maryland.


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