Museum of Natural History sponsors fall Tree Walk

[Chatter about trees]

Anchor: Vince Aquino leads a group of about 40 community members and students in a tour of fall foliage on the University of Colorado, Boulder’s campus.

The CU Boulder Museum of Natural history sponsors two Tree Tours in the fall and two in the spring. This is the second and last Tree Tour of the fall season.

Aquino is the lead arborist at CU Boulder and has been for 12 years.

Aquino: “We just take a walk through campus with interested folks from the community who want to hear about trees, hear about the campus collection of trees. I love the Kentucky Coffee Trees, love the bur oaks and white oaks that we have. Those are some of my favorites.”

Anchor: Attendees had different reasons for going on the tour. Some, like Laurie Lawhern, just wanted to see what kind of trees are native to the Boulder.

Lawhern: “Just to learn about the biodiversity of the trees on campus and maybe see the tallest tree or the oldest tree — things like that. Just learn more about the campus and be able to talk about it with others.”

Anchor: Others wanted to learn how to care for trees on their own property.

Cisco Quintero: “I’m very interested in trees to learn about them. I think I have an Ash Tree, and I know I have a Spruce Tree. The spruce tree is doing very well, but the ash tree is not doing very well. Now I know the reason why.”

Anchor: But for some, learning about trees is a favorite pastime. Ben Bentley said it’s one of his favorite things about the fall season.

Ben Bentley: “I love trees. There’s ewes, there’s hemlocks, there’s larches on campus that I really would not expect here at all. But they’re just such beautiful things. Some of the trees, like larches in particular, they just remind me to breathe so much. Being around it is such a peaceful thing.”

This is Katy Canada, reporting for Under the Flatirons.


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