Boulder Environmental round-up

Prescribed burn scheduled for Boulder

Boulder firefighters have scheduled a prescribed burn of 85 acres next week, according to The Daily Camera. The goal of prescribed burns is to reduce future risk of wildfire.

The Daily Camera reported this burn will take place near south Boulder and will be preceded by several smaller ones to remove fuels like tree limbs and other foliage. The prescribed burn will affect areas near South Shanahan Fork, Bluestern Connector and Big Bluestem East trails.

The prescribed burn was organized by Boulder Fire-Rescue in collaboration with other local agencies.

El Nino spurs winter weather

Experts say El Nino will bring early snow to Colorado, according to The Denver Post. An El Nino of this strength has not been seen since 1997, and climatologists speculate it could be the strongest since 1900.

The El Nino was caused because the south Pacific Ocean is more than three degrees higher than normal. This affects the position of storms during fall and winter.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association reported El Nino will deliver heavy precipitation to the southern United States and provide some drought relief in California.

CU Boulder to host BIoneers Conference

The University of Colorado, Boulder will host the 13th Front Range Bioneers Conference Oct. 23-25, the Boulder Weekly reported. The event will host more than 100 presenters and experts in at least 35 different sessions.

The term bioneer refers to a combination of the words “biological pioneer.”

Attendees can learn about a range of topics relating to the environment, health and social justice. The event will take place at multiple locations across campus.


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