Verdict reached in Tallman trial while Boulder repeals portions of panhandling ordinance

Jury Finds Moises Mendez and Daniel Ortiz Not Guilty in Murder of Nathaniel Tallman

The verdict was reached on Tuesday after less than three hours of deliberation, bringing the three-week felony murder trial to a close. Both defense attorneys indicated that it was the poor reliability of the prosecution’s star witness, Russell Britton, that was probably the deciding factor in the verdict.   Britton accepted a plea agreement of 15 years imprisonment in exchange for evidence he presented against Mendez and Ortiz in what was framed by prosecutors as a drug deal gone bad.

Boulder City Council Repeals Portions of Panhandling Ordinance

On advice of City Attorney Tom Carr, the Boulder City Council on Tuesday repealed and modified portions of the panhandling ordinance which may have been unconstitutional in light of a federal court ruling striking down Grand Junction’s ordinance.  While Boulder’s ordinance was not as broad as Grand Junction’s, it still contained provisions which prohibited begging on the Pearl Street Mall and University Hill, as well as the manner in which panhandlers may ask for money.  At the moment, the present language still prohibits “aggressive” begging which would be considered obscene, harassing, or threatening.

Student killed in Northern Arizona University shooting was Colorado resident

Colin Brough, a 2013 graduate of Castle View High School, was shot and killed during what Flagstaff, Arizona police are calling a fraternity dispute that turned violent.  Steven Jones, 18, was charged for murdering Brough as well as wounding four members of the Delta Chi fraternity.  Prosecutors say Jones left the fight to retrieve a .40 caliber handgun from his vehicle before returning and opening fire. Bond for Jones was set at $2 million

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